Handphone version of wonder zoo is aviable in Nokia Store. It's contain bad graphic and sounds.

here list of animals:

Zebra------------- 100 coins

Panda---------------- 200 coins

Lion-------------------- 340 coins

Elephant---------------- 850 coins

Crocodile---------------- 2500 coins

koala------------------------------ 30 peanuts

griffin--------- 100 peanuts

Giraffe----------------------- 10 peanuts

pegasus--------------------- 60 peanuts

unicorn------------- 20,000 coins

turtle-----------------------------------------50 peanuts

list of building:

Nursery 10 coins

baloon stand 50 coins

toy shop 300 coins

food stand 30 peanuts

List of trees:

apple 100 coins

pomegrante 5000 coins

banana 3500 coins

avocado 20 peanuts

list of decoration:

lamppost 300 coins

flower beds 50-200 coins

bench 300 coins

Maze 4 peanuts

Tioparies: 500 coins-10 peanuts

UFO 6 peanuts

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